Handwriting Project

Enlarging handwritten pieces for display

“Nanny’s Prayer”
I was commissioned by my sister’s mother in-law to enlarge a handwritten prayer that her Nanny (grandmother) had written on the back of a small card.  The original size was approximately 2in x 3 1/2in (see below):

I love projects that are personal and meaningful, so I was very excited to get working on this!

I used my light board to trace Nanny’s writing and enlarge it.  I was careful to stay true to her exact penmanship as well as her lines as it’s part of her character! (handwriting is so personal and unique)

Once I had successfully traced Nanny’s prayer, I scanned it and enlarged it using my computer.

After the enlarging was completed, I used graphite paper to transfer the prayer, exactly as Nanny had written it, onto a 12×16 canvas that I built specifically for this project. The final product is done in acrylic.

IMG_7840  IMG_7838

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