Craft Show Display Ideas

This fall I participated in my first vendor event – a fundraiser for my daughter’s preschool You can read the post about that event here. The event provided tables, but I hadn’t really considered what I would use to display my artwork.  I SCOURED Pinterest for ideas, and came across some really amazing examples. But, I did not want to be building something.  I felt overwhelmed with the number of paintings I needed to have ready that the thought of then building and preparing a display seemed a bit daunting!  Enter the amazing creation that is a pallet.  Yes, a shipping pallet!  It made for the perfect display.  I picked up these great “s” hooks from Amazon:


and used them to hang the paintings from the 2 pallets I purchased from Ace Hardware ($5/each).  My handy hubby braced the bottom of the pallet on the front and back to give it extra stability for standing.  Here’s the final result:


IMG_7182 IMG_7185

I thought the pallets worked out pretty well.  The downside?  They were a bit heavy.


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