{Try it Thursday} Chalk Paint Update

Awhile back I posted about a few projects I wanted to tackle utilizing chalk paint. The projects were a couple of items that I had pulled out of my grandparent’s basement – a desk and 2 nightstands – that were pretty old but not solid wood.  Here’s a quick brain refresher (so you don’t have to do all the work to revisit that post):
IMG_7708 IMG_7705
Tell me the form in these 2 pieces is not stunning! I loved the shape and knew that I could make something happen here.  BUT – they were NOT wood. There’s a little bit of wood in there, but a lot of plastic and melamine. I knew chalk paint would work here and dropped by my local Home Depot for a few supplies. While there, I stumbled on Rust-Oleum’s “Chalked” paint which was a whole heck of a lot cheaper than Annie Sloan. I couldn’t really go wrong with the price. And I liked the color – Linen White – for the desk. Snooping around this same area of the paint section, I stumbled upon Rust-Oleum’s Chalked SPRAY PAINT. Yes!! Do you know how much I LOVE spray paint? You can spray pretty much anything with it, it is a cheap and super quick option for transforming a piece of furniture or pretty much any other item. I picked up the Chalked spray paint in Charcoal. Again – cheap, quick, and limited risk.

For finishing, I did hit up my Annie Sloan stockist for clear and dark wax. I had seen so many people transform their pieces simply with wax that I knew I wanted to give that a shot on the desk and nightstands. (and the Annie Sloan wax works a lot easier than the cheaper wax I’ve tried to use in the past)

The desk:
I pulled off the hardware and spray painted that with Rust-Oleum’s black Hammered Metal spray paint. I’ve used this product for years (ALL the light fixtures in our old house were brass, so to save money we spray painted all of them with hammered metal) and love it. Then I attacked the desk with the Rust Oleum chalk paint and a brush. It took a few hours and 2 coats of paint to get the coverage I wanted. I then roughed some of the edges with steel wool to let the gold accents show through. After all this, I added clear wax for protection and a little bit of shine.
I love how it looks in my daughter’s room, but… it took some time and I get bored easily. Overall, thumbs up to the Rust-Oleum Chalked paint (quart size). And HUGE thumbs up to Annie Sloan for the clear wax!

The Night stands:
Holy moly was this a QUICK transformation! I took both the nightstands out to the garage, removed the hardware and cleaned them off. I picked up Rust-Oleum Hammered Metal spray paint for the hardware in white, though I wanted them to be slightly grayish, but not metallic, so sprayed them all with Hammered Metal black first, then topped them with the Hammered Metal white once the were dry. Hardware – check!

Now for the nightstands themselves. I lined up all the drawers, shook up my spray paint can and went to town. Not only did the Rust-Oleum Chalked spray paint cover in ONE COAT, it was a beautiful brush stroke free cover. I repeat – ONE COAT. I was done spraying both nightstands in less than 30 minutes. It took me longer to clear wax all of the pieces than it did to spray them! LOVE! After the spray was dry, I roughed up the edges to let a bit of the gold through and clear waxed and buffed each piece.
Result:IMG_8375 IMG_8376

The nightstands are, by far, my favorite!

The verdict:
I LOVE Annie Sloan’s wax, but as far as chalk paint is concerned, I am in love with Rust-Oleum’s Chalked spray paint. I like that’s it’s a smooth finish with no brush strokes, results are quick and easy, and it’s cheap compared to a can of Annie Sloan. Now if only they made more colors, I would be chalk painting everything!

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