Canvas building, knife painting

I have yet to visit the Annie Sloan stockist in my area to pick up chalk paint for my furniture projects – with Valentine’s events filling the week last week, I ran out of time!  I’m surprised at how busy I am now that I’m not working my part-time job.  How did I accomplish these things when I was working that job?! Maybe I just didn’t do them?  Nonetheless, even though I have yet to begin my furniture project, I have been creatively busy!

My sister in-law is an amazing artist and I asked her to help me learn to build my own canvas – it can be quite a bit cheaper and you aren’t restricted to sizes available in store.  And, if you have wood and canvas, you don’t need to wait to start a project! She sent me a couple of iPhone videos on her process and it’s not as difficult as I imagined. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so busy… I’ve been building canvas and painting away!

The other thing I’ve been anxious to explore – painting with paint knives as opposed to brushes.  I follow an artist on Instagram – @deannart – who does beautiful paintings utilizing mainly paint knives.  I love the texture the knives provide to the canvas.  Once I built a few canvases, I hopped on Amazon and ordered a basic set of paint knives.  I have to admit, having no previous history of painting with anything but brushes, I was nervous.  But then again, I couldn’t wait to play.  The first canvas I did was abstract and just there for me to get the feel for the knives.  But my second canvas?  This one I am so happy with!


I love nests – they’re so intricate, wound so tightly together, very cozy – these are the things I want to feel in our home.  The cool thing about painting with the knives is the texture I was able to achieve in both the background of the painting and the nest details.  Knives allow you to scrape into the paint for added texture or to remove paint in places you want.  Check out these close-ups to see the details:

Nest Background Nest Detail

For the background, I used a combination of white, gray and brown for a neutral look – pause, throughout our house I play with those colors and I wanted this painting to be right at home.  For the nest, a mixture of black and brown for an earthy feel.  I’m really pleased with the way it turned out!

Stay tuned for more projects like this one!

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