I did it! – Post 2

I did it!  After writing my last post – I’ve always been crafty – I started delving into all sorts of goodies to help get my creativity on track, my mind focused and my heart in the right place.  I was trying to work on “spreading my wings”.  After taking some SkillShare classes (which I am still in the midst of finishing), I felt a higher level of confidence in myself as an artist.  I have also been doing quite a bit of soul searching.  I realized that I needed something to push me out of this sheltered space that I have been hanging out in – something to get my (and my work) out in the open.  A goal, a push, and a solid date on the calendar.  In steps the Building Blocks Childhood Center’s Ladies Night Out fundraiser, of which I served as the event Marketing Chair.  Ladies Night Out is an intimate night of vendors, wine, raffles and fellowship.

Like I said in my last post, I strongly feel that challenges are placed in our paths for a reason and this event was my challenge to push outside my comfort zone.  I signed up to be a vendor!  It was, admittedly, a lot to serve on the committee as well as work in the background to make sure I had enough product to sell (on top of being a mom, wife, and working part time!), but it was so very rewarding.  I was amazed at how many people I know and interact with frequently that had no idea I was an artist on the side!  I made some great new connections, took a few orders, sold a few paintings and was very proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone!

Here’s a shot of my table:


I found some pallets to hang my paintings on – using “S” hooks.  I wanted a simple and rustic backdrop:

IMG_7185 IMG_7182 IMG_0177

I love how the table all came together!

What’s next? I have a few orders to fill and my etsy shop to give a little love to.  And, I have some Skillshare classes to finish up that fell by the wayside as I was preparing for the event.  There’s a long winter ahead of us Chicagoans, and plenty of hours to accomplish LOTS of great things!

Stay tuned!

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