I’ve always been crafty – Post 1

But I’ve never been a blogger.  I’m a pretty modest person.  I don’t like to brag.  I don’t like to “put myself out there” or feel like I’m advertising myself.  But, personally, I’ve hit a roadblock.  And I think this might be just what I need to do.

Let’s jump back a little…

I started my career in advertising, moved into advertising sales, and then to consumer promotions.  I was working for a large consumer goods company in Consumer Promotions.  I enjoyed this job!  It allowed me to serve as more of a creative liaison between the brands I represented and the various creative agencies we utilized.  During my time at CPG company K, I became pregnant with my son and had a great maternity leave with the company.  My dad was fighting non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at this time – it was most wonderful to spend this time with my dad and my son while on maternity leave.  I will always be grateful to this company for the generous amount of time I received, not only to spend with my son, but with my dad as well.  Within a few months of returning back to work full time, my dad would lose his battle with cancer and I would be out of a job!

At this time in my life, I knew that staying home with my son was the right decision for me.  And stay home I did – for 6 years and the birth of a beautiful daughter.  During that time, I needed something different to do.  I had always enjoyed painting, so decided to paint a blessing onto canvas as a wedding gift for my sister.  I had read about a distressing technique on a blog (I can’t recall which one, otherwise I would link it!) that I thought I would try.  I LOVED how the painting turned out! And my sister did too – she said “you should sell these on Etsy!”, and so, with a lot of nervousness and serious self doubt, I opened an Etsy shop!  My quotes and paintings have evolved as well as my process.  Instead of working mainly with layout, I’m now focusing on hand lettering my paintings.  The hope is to make them prints and paintings, but baby steps…!

So here I am – I’ve been taking some Skillshare classes and reading some blogs to help inspire and guide me as I try to make a living from a hobby.  I was most inspired, as of late, by Miss Mustard Seed’s “How My Business Began” series.  I found her post on starting her wonderful business to be education and inspiring.  You see, I believe that God places challenges in our path to move us to something greater, to challenge us to grow.  This is where I am now.

More in my next post!

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