Handlettering Continues


I’ve been so inspired by my Skillshare Hand Lettering class – though, I admit, I’m a little stumped at the actual digitizing process.  I’m pretty slow at Illustrator, so that aspect of hand lettering has been a bit neglected… Truth be told, it’s been stalled.  But on an inspiration front, my mind is overflowing with font and quote ideas that I can’t get into my sketchbook fast enough!  This has been such a fun aspect of learning hand lettering.  I’m very thankful for the inspiration this class has provided!  Here are some things I’ve been working on:

Working with some fonts:

Font play

Another quote – the inking is in progress here:

Inking in process

The quote below has been inked and is ready for digitizing:

Inked Drawing

I’m having so much fun playing with quotes, layouts and various fonts!  I need to focus on completing the digitizing process so I can add colors and go to print!

More to come!


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