Challenge Details


I’ve been working carefully on my SkillShare Hand-Lettering Challenge.  I’m loving all these new tips and tricks I’m learning in this class.  So many fun things to try out!  To work through the challenge, I chose the quote “Enjoy all the little things”.  This means something to me as I’m trying to remember the little things through stressful times (moving anyone!?).  Here is my initial sketch:

Initial Sketch
Initial Sketch

I think I was trying to do too much here, so in my inked version, I ditched a lot of the doodles and stuck to just the quote:

Enjoy all the Little Things_Ink

I felt like the simpler version was more me.  I like the cleaner lines better than the doodles.  I’m happy with where things are with my drawing, but I’m struggling with the Illustrator aspect of my drawing, so I need to go back and re-watch the lessons to work through the coloring process!

I’mw working through this class and challenge a little slower than I had hoped, but I’m very excited to be back at the drawing board!

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