A Little Logo

It took me a long time to work through my logo, and I feel I’m still working with it.  It seems to be an ever evolving design.  I recently started working through some classes on SkillShare – so I’m sure my design will continue to evolve.  It’s my dream to be a freelance designer of some sort, but in order to make that dream a reality, I feel I need to work more on freeing up my personal restrictions to explore more.  There’s always something more to be done (the house, kids, work) that can easily become a distraction.  I heard a saying not too long ago – if you have time to watch TV, you have time to workout.  Doesn’t that work the same for art?  It should.  Or, at least, it should for me.  There’s my goal – spend more time on developing my passion.  In the meantime, my logo is as it is.  But we shall see how it evolves!

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